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My Favorite Pinups

My Favorite Pinups

Wink Holliday for a Viva #TBT

It’s Viva Las Vegas weekend and a lot of the pinups I’ve featured over the years are all out in Las Vegas doing their thing.

I can’t be there (SOMEDAY!!) so I’ve consoling myself following some of my faves on instagram and twitter




One of the friends I made doing this site is Wink Holliday.. she’s at Viva and posting, so I thought I’d go thru my collection and share Wink as a TBT


11kkz45 (2)

Wink doesn’t model these days but she’s still doing a TON of interesting stuff.. She is and I quote…
Pusher of pixels, tamer of type, herder of hyphens. Vintage clothing vendor. Verbivore. I believe in serial commas.

kkz57 (2)


I think my favorite project of hers is With All My Love, Jim. It’s a series of 70yr old letters between a GI and his sweetheart, fiancée and eventually wife that she came across saved in a cedar box. She posted the letters only editing the surnames and it’s a rare look into day to day life during WWII




So I’ll close this like this…
To my pinup friends.. have a blast at Viva
To Miss Wink Holliday… I love you to pieces and you are still one of my favorite pinups
With All My Love,


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