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My Favorite Pinups

Jenny Cosplay in pics

I’m pretty new on instagram and one of the first sites I went to follow was DollHouse Photography and then I saw Jenny Cosplay




I honestly don’t know a lot about Jenny Cosplay, so this will be a pic heavy post… yea like you mind
But I do know that I just love the pics that Jenny puts out there and I love DollHouse Photography’s work in general



from Instagram
”Just a gender fluid / slightly confused / occasionally creative person from London in my middle age. Love all things cosplay, vintage and pinup!”



The only place you can see more is on Instagram




So go check out Jenny, make sure you hit the Follow button and love everything



  • Gianluca  
    If you don't get it, this beautiful model is a man, a male, a marvelous cross-dresser! If you watch those photos, expecially the ones in lingeries, you can't believe it. (S)he is sexy, very feminine features (aside from the obvious fake but still very realistic breats) like hips and butt, and (s)he has a beautiful taste in lingerie, dress, shoes ecc!
    • John  
      Dear Gianluca,

      I have to be brutally honest here.
      It doesn't matter to me if Jenny Cosplay is a man, a woman, a cross dresser, or is from Centauri Prime. I love her look, pics and attitude.

      If you look at her Instagram, she refers to herself a woman and I respect that. So I will continue to refer to Jenny as a she.

      • Gianluca  
        Dear John,

        I respect your point of view and I accept it because she refers to herself as the woman she looks.
        I only wanted to point out the fact that a male can become so beautiful and so feminine, as much inside as outside.

        I absolutely didn't want to offend you and her life of style, only that I am truly amazed by this transformation and I still can't believe that in those sexy photos there is a crossdresser...infact, a truly woman and pinup model (infact, everyone on instagram use "she" in comments)


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