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My Favorite Pinups

A Little Ginny Rosewater on Our Anniversary

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Pinups. I find it hard to believe that back on October 19th 2008 I registered this domain and on October 20th 2008 I put the first post on this site. It’s been 9 years now and almost 400 posts. I’ve never been horribly consistent with my posts, I just post when I see something or someone I like
Like this Wisconsin based 5’3” cutie Ginny Rosewater




I came across Ginny on Instagram and had to wonder how the hell had I missed this beautiful lady living practically in my backyard?
Damned if I know.. but now that I know who she is you can believe that my social media stalker is on full




There are some many images on her social media sites and personal website that it honestly took me a few hours to narrow it down to just these. So be sure to follow the links at the bottom of the page and let me know if I choose well.




On top of her personal modeling, this lady is also a founding member of the Midwest Rockabeauties where she “she works to build a community where women of all shapes and sizes can feel beautiful and proud while having the time of their lives doing what they love”
I can get behind that.




Beside bartending and dog grooming, she is also the communications director for Working Class Publishing. Working Class Publishing is where the always lovely Cherry Dollface has her first published book waiting for you to buy and selections from Shannon Brooke, Claire Seville and an upcoming release from Lars Kommienezuspadt




Now what do I like about Ginny?
What’s not to like? She’s a very pretty girl to start with, a wonderful smile and gorgeous eyes. She’s pretty versatile in her look ranging from bad girl to hollywood queen to girl next door and if you look at her sites you’ll even see punk girl pics (I love The Misfits by the way). This girl doesn’t look like she likes to be classified in just one box and I love that




See more Ginny on:





7This last part is just for me. you can safely scroll past if you like.
There is a whole list of people for me to thank for making this as much fun as it has been for me. I’ve met some wonderful people over the years, people who I talk to on a regular basis and even some that I truly call my friends. Roxy Tart, Harlean Carpenter, Lady Scarlett, Wink Holliday, Melia Demure, Bourbon Bettie and Frenchy St Claire just to name a few
and last… my lovely wife Anne. It was her bright idea for this place to even exist. PLUS she did all the graphics and logo for me. She even sends me pretty girls to look at.. so bottom line is my wife just rocks
Thanks to all of you. I’m glad to know you
and thanks for making this a cool place

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