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My Favorite Pinups

are you asking yourself why?

I do that all the time myself...

Well since you asked...
when I was young, my mom watched a lot of movies from the golden age of hollywood
so I had a steady diet of WWII movies, Elvis, Musicals, Westerns, and of course drama/comedies

The very first movie I can remember seeing was Some Like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis
Now this was the early 70's (Some Like It Hot was released in 1959)
I was 6 or 7 years old at the time and I fell in love with Marilyn Monroe
Now I was way too young to understand her sexuality, I just thought she was funny and pretty

People started getting me Marilyn memorabilia for all the holidays up thru my late teens
Someone, I admit I forget who, gave me a copy of the 1953 Marilyn Playboy Centerfold
Good God I'm glad I was well into puberty at that time

but I digress...
Taking a steady diet of Marilyn, Jane Russell and of course Betty Grable, I started looking at the women in these movie and I really started to love that classic 40's and 50's pinup girl.

There is something about the pinup that I find more sexy and alluring than any nude woman I've seen in print. There is a hint of sensuality, a flash of skin, sometimes a tad too much d├ęcolletage (naa not really), but it's those hints and teases that are so attractive

Flash forward a few years, I lost sight of the pinups I so loved and assumed that the time had come and gone for them.
I sign up for myspace and lo and behold what do I find... a pinup girl

an honest to goodness pinup girl
granted she might have some tattoos and sometimes piercings
or wild colored hair
but she's the same girl I loved back in the day

Of course it's not the same girl. Marilyn Monroe died 6 years before I was born
but the spirit of those early pinups survive
Give me a girl in black stockings and a garter with that oh so perfect dress
hair and make up all done to the nines

I'll take that over some nude chick with fake boobs and a shaved gidge any day
Give me sensuality and sexuality without being so totally in my face
Give me a hint and a promise of what is to come
Rather than assaulting me with what amounts to nothing more than porn

So those of you who look at the women I show here and wonder where the tits and ass shots are?
Sorry.. not gonna happen here ... get over it

As for this site itself?
Thank my wife Anne
it was her idea and she does all the graphics for the site
You can see her work over at Storm's Cellar

I'll show you what I find out there in the land of pinups, photographers, and contests

Enjoy it

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