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21st Century Pinups

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Cruising around last night I came across 21st Century online magazine

Started about a year ago there are 6 currently issues of this UK-based mag online and available for you to read

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Pictures, articles and opinions are the fare, and they have a great interface for reading... it's a flash based page turner that I think should be part of any pinup afficionado's regular reading

Blurb from the website

21:CP is a retro-glossy online magazine, so flash-fabulous you can actually turn the pages!

We want to celebrate everybody that strives to keep the era of burlesque sensuality, cheesecake glamour, vintage beauty and retro style alive.

As well as hearing from the well known personalities we all love, we want to give exposure to the up and coming stars of the future. Everybody has a look and a story all their own - let us show you off!

Each issue will be glossier, fuller and better than the last as we grow more and more sophisticated - so we hope you tag along for the ride...

so spend some time on the site.. check it out and bookmark it

it's well worth your time

Enjoy it

I know I did


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  • Holli-Mae Johnson  
    Hello John!

    Just found your site here, and what can I say - glad you're enjoying it!

    It might interest you to know that we have just launched Version Two of 21:CP - and there are big things to come!

    much love,

    Holli-Mae x

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