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My Favorite Pinups

Miss Kandy K

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Today there are all kinds of pinup girls

and Kandy is one of the more "modern" I am friends with on MySpace

Bright colored hair, tons of tattoos and a lean to the dark doesn't detract from her pinup qualities

Trust me
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from her MySpace Page

Im a Makeup Artist And Model

Vegetarian animal loving loyal gal who's madly in love with Sean and has the best puppy ever called Alabama.

Originally from England Im now settled in hot as hell Arizona where i dabble in a bit of modeling and paint peoples faces for a living.

My favorite movie is True Romance, Hence the doggys name and my favorite food is Pizza.

I dont like mean bitchy people but always seem to find them in my line of view.

Saying im into tattoo's is an understatement.

I love Englands cold crisp weather and look forward to breathing it again someday.

My girls back home are my lifeline.

My husband is my life.


a poem from Mr Abs!

Well sit yourself down and Ill tell you a story,

Of Miss Kandy K in all her glory.

A sweet blonde girl with the devils own eyes,

Pure evil in an angelic disguise.

If youre passing her trailer park of sin,

Take my advice and go right in.

For if you live and emerge once more,

Youll be a wiser man than before.

For while innocence is an admirable ideal,

Its experience alone thats real.

For Id rather a thousand times be burned,

Than walk away my lesson unlearned.

A special girl, though Id not say it to her face,

Else limbs youll be looking to replace.

Because my friend this roses petals hide thorns,

As the picture on her arm clearly warns.

If one day you should meet her in a bar,

Take my advice and youll go far.

Buy her a drink and be sure to be polite,

Or youll regret going out that night.

The devil likes good manners as do we all,

And those who forget it shall surely fall.

But remember my friend beware her eyes,

For mans downfall within them lies.

<%ThickBox(|Title: Casual Sex)%>

what I like

I'm not sure I know where to start on that one... I just like it

She's very pretty no doubt, but I also feel my self being drawn to what is possible not the wrong side of the tracks but maybe the dark side of the tracks

I love the ink and the bright bright hair

In some shots it makes for one hell of a post modern wasteland shot, that still hold the promise of beauty

Go check out her MySpace Page for more info and pics on this transplanted UK beauty


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  • Kandy k  
    This is so awesome, i didnt know you had featured me on this site, i feel honored!


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