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My Favorite Pinups

Rory Wrey

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Here we are.. another cold snowy day here in the land of milk and cheeseheads (aka Wisconsin)

I opted to telecommute today, so of course I'm here checking out pinups and wishing it was just a bit warmer

What do I find but a redhead pinup based in New Orleans (FYI: it's currently 52° with a high of 63°there as opposed to 28° here)

If you have been around this site for a while you know I have a special place in my heart for redheads, I married one ;-)

so today I give you Rory Wrey
<%ThickBox(|Photo by Hampton VM)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo by Hampton VM)%>

from her MySpace Page

On a night not terribly long ago, I put on a John Lee Hooker record and sashayed around the room, pulling my clothes off.

A martini-induced set of gyrations, that first striptease unraveled every hunger years of ballet had not satisfied.

The Anais Nin by flashlight

the nylon against my thighs

the high heels I was nearly suspended for in elementary school, culminated in a power of which I had been unaware.

The movements became more fluid with practice

I became more confident in each step,

and it led me here: to sensuous music, a smoky haze, velvet and silk, gin and the bluesÂ…

to a place IÂ’ve longed to inhabit, watching intently from the audience.

<%ThickBox(|Photo by Hampton VM)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo by Hampton VM)%>

She's got a profile over on The Pinup Lifestyle Network too, so check that out

<%ThickBox(|Photo by Hampton VM)%>

usually I grab 4 portrait shots and one landscape shot for this site

Rory gets 7 pics


I have to admit I couldn't make up my mind which ones to use

I love the confidence that comes out in all these shots

She very sensual (of course she is.. note the red hair)

Whether the facial expression is smiling or neutral you have to see that this is a girl that knows what she wants

and has the strength to say so



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