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My Favorite Pinups


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I gotta tell ya.. it's rare that a pinup girl (or anyone really) to hit me up on myspace

it's always the other way around

well this morning I had a friend request from NolaChick™ (yeppers the ™ is in there)

She's from New Orleans and I think she heard I was trying to warm up

now out of the ton of pics NolaChick (wonder if I can call her Nola or maybe just "darlin") has on her MySpace and Pinup Lifestyle Network profiles, why did I choose these?

well it's my site and I can do what I want damnit
<%ThickBox(|Nocturne by Colin J. Lacy)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo by Colin J Lacey photography)%>

from her MySpace

I was born and raised in New Orleans, La. a.k.a. the Big Easy. I am different from any other girl you have ever met. I'm unique and witty and funny...when I want to be. I don't judge people. I'm nice to people until they screw me over or betray my trust. I'm vulnerable. I'm smart, but I'm bad at tests. I do much better in one on one conversations than in groups. I suck at Math, but I love to write. It's my passion. So much so that I didn't major in it in college because I didn't want it to end up being something I hated. I'm a freak for old school pin up, obviously.

It doesn't take much to make me happy; flowers or a nice card or note usually does the trick. I truly believe that the feeling that a person holds in their heart for you is priceless and can't be expressed through store bought items. I want to learn how to cook and maybe play an instrument. I want to travel...badly. I want to get out of school so that I can be spontaneous. One day I am going to break free of earthly ties and go where I want and when and not worry about answering to anyone.

I love being a woman and I love when a man's a gentleman. I love when doors are opened for me, chairs are pulled out at restaurants, and I love when a guy takes charge. I have yet to find a man who will take the initiative of ordering for me at dinner. It's old school, but nice. So is giving up your seat in a crowded bar, so that a girl doesn't have to stand in high heels. Take note boys; little things like that will get you noticed. I figure I will marry the man that does those things for me. I love being called "dear", "honey, "baby", "sweetie and "doll". Hand kisses are good. A hand on the small of my back is better. I don't think that this makes me "anti-woman", in fact, I believe quite the opposite. I'm a girl and I want to be treated like one.

If I were born in the 20's, I would have been a classic movie star...or at least the mistress of one. ;-)

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this girl taps into some of my fantasies

her skin tone and hair color is the perfect offset to black...

as in

black pumps, black stockings, black garters, black panties, black bra, white mens button down shirt, black fedora,

dirty-blues-playing-as-he-walks-in-the-door, heresaglassofjackdanielsdear

*whew*.. yes I can say that all in one breath

ok pics 3 and 4 are the inspiration for that little stream of fantasy talk

wonder if she has a pic where the outfits from the two are combined?


pic #1 is the little black dress... every girl should own a little black dress

this particular little black dress and staging is beautiful... a gorgeous noir chick(in color but it does look good in b/w, I checked)

#2 I love the staircase shot and the fetish outfit oooks great on her, Bettie page would be proud

#5 and #6 are what I think of as standard pinup poses... 5 shows off her ass-etts (yes pun intended.. so shoot me) 6 is a rarer shot.. I'd call it the pinup candid... doesn't look posed, just looks like a girl having a good time

<%ThickBox(|Photo by Hampton Van Meter)%>

and lastly...

stretched out on the couch

what man in his right mind would not want to rush home for this...

girls like NolaChick are the reason I have this site

pretty girls posing for great pics

classy girls in classic poses

they leave a lot to your imagination

and I love all of them for it




  • Jian  
    I can tell you she's the genuine article in real life... you should see her smile in person!
  • John  
    Jian.. you are lucky!
  • AKochPhotography  
    She's something alright. The most down to earth person you can imagine meeting and the camera just loves her. I had the pleasure to work with her in the past and we are working on an upcoming project as we speak so be on the lookout for more in the near future.
  • John  
    I'll be watching for it
    never know you might quickly become one of my fave photographers

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