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My Favorite Pinups

Dottie Diamond

<%ThickBox(|Legs Up)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo by Portland Pinups)%>

I never know from day to day what kind of pinup is going to jump out at me

Today I was in the mood for more of a retro girl, someone with the classic "whoopsie" shots and I found Dottie Diamond

so today we have a little whoopsie, a little cheesecake, and a little naughty
<%ThickBox(|Photo by Portland Pinups)%> <%ThickBox(|Pure Dottie)%>

from her The Pinup Lifestyle Network Profile

I model for fun and I model for some awesome clothing companies and hair accessories.

CHECK OUT the new pinuplifestyle 2009/10 calendar! My Vintage vacuum and I(taken by Mike Long) is featured in it!!

I won Miss Portland Pin up 2008 this year and its helped me carve the path I am making for myself.

I am the Official Billie Jo Retro girl . You can find me at and I love to support the local designers here in Portland as well. I am up for almost anything I can find time for.

I am surprisingly very nice in person, you may even think I come off like a "ditz" but I am quite intelligent.

I fall in love with things in a heartbeat and am a sucker for everyone.

I only been doing this less than a year and have gotten further than I ever though I would.


<%ThickBox(|Hey Sailor%> <%ThickBox(|oh my...)%>

She's got a profile over on The Pinup Lifestyle Network

and on one over at Model Mayhem

<%ThickBox(|She Said What)%>

I don't usually take 3 pics from the same series, in this case the red-stripe top) but the pics are simply adorable

A couple classic pinup poses that show off some long legs is enough to kick start any day

Pic #2 and #6 show off the whoopsie look I was searching for today, that vacuum shot is great

Pic #4 I just like and since it's my site.. well there you have it... to me it's a quintessential pinup shot. Lots of leg, a bit daring, but leaves all the naughty bits to the imagination

and that leave us #3.. a noir shot/femme fatale with a latex twist. This shows Dottie as a classic beauty, great lines in the shot and use of shadow (portland pinups might be my new fave studio)

again, it's only slightly naughty and it made my imagination kick into overdrive

Have a good night


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