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My Favorite Pinups

Wink Holliday

<%ThickBox(|Smart is Sexy!)%> <%ThickBox(|Smart is Sexy!)%>

Today I find myself rather distracted, my daughter has a thing coming up next week that I may tell you all about later

but I'm pretty much thinking about that

It lead my to thoughts of home and how hard it is when you relocate far from your roots

So today's girlie is a fellow transplanted New Yorker, Wink Holliday

I don't know where she is from in NY but she's now based in the Denver Colorado area
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from her MySpace

I've been in love with vintage clothes, movies, and ephemera my whole life.

I draw a lot of inspiration from my grandmothers, one of whom was an antiques dealer and the other an accomplished seamstress.

My look in my photos is my look in real life, although with better hair.

I wish men still wore hats, and women didn't wear track suits.

I moved to Colorado from New York, and while I miss the bright lights and the big city, I sure do love the big skies and the billions of stars.

I'm shy, independent, and tend to come across as aloof.

Really, I'm just afraid of opening my mouth and proving that I'm a dork!

I don't like the dentist, people who don't use their blinker, bad grammar, and folks who think that keeping their dog in the yard is adequate exercise.

But... I love my cats, Swedish Fish, people watching, thunderstorms, singing along with the car radio, and I have the best friends.

<%ThickBox(|Photo by Peek Photography)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo by Peek Photography)%>

She's got a profile over on The Pinup Lifestyle Network

and another over at Model Mayhem

<%ThickBox(|Smart is Sexy!)%>

one of the many things I look for in a pinup is a sense of playfulness

I think Wink has that in spades

A pretty smile and bright eyes will get you far in my book, Wink shows that off in pics #4 #5 and #6

Classic pinup poses, love the clothes love the hair and love the blue seamed stockings

The other pics are from a series called Smart is Sexy

Now I will sat plaid is not my favorite.. but Wink pulls the outfit off rather well

The set is completely adorable and I just love the shot with the book upsidown

Wink, you have a great look and seem to take a joy in your pics that makes it a pleasure for me to look at the pics and try to share a little of that joy with you

so thanks for making my morning

and if you wanna come over sometime, we can work on our homework together :-)




  • Wink Holliday  
    You're a doll! Thank you so very much for all the kind words. I'm positively giddy over here!

    As for my NYC seal of approval: I was raised in the wilds of northern NJ, peering out at the NYC skyline from my parents' bedroom window. I then spent a couple of years in B'klyn before packing up and heading toward westerly winds.
  • sweetndandy  
    Love it!

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