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My Favorite Pinups

Mario Chavez

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I'm the first to say that I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, and I find it impossible to even color inside the lines

So people with talent like Mario Chavez fascinate the hell outta me

Mario is based in the LA area and his work ranges from the cartoony, to anime/manga (he might not say that but I would), to very realistic

and just about everything in between

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from Mario's MySpace

Hi, and thank you for stopping by to check out some of my artwork.

I've worked as an artist for several companies, but what I really focus on now is painting original pinup girls for private collectors and promotional purposes.

You can see by my samples that I have two distinct types of paintings, the more stylized cartoony pinups, and the ones with a more realistic approach.

I'm able to create an original pinup based on an idea or use someones image to create the pinup you always wanted to be.

My work isn't vulgar, and never pornographic.

To me sexy is not how much you see, it's what you hope to see, what you can almost see, and what she wants you to's the anticipation, and to me, thats whats sexy.

So that's my approach to my work, and hopefully that comes through.

If your interested in commissioning a piece, or just have questions, feel free to drop me a message. comments are always welcome, but please, keep them polite, and always respectful.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my page, i hope you enjoyed some of the work contained here. -Mario Chavez.

<%ThickBox(|Come Get Some)%> <%ThickBox(|Model: Kitty Del Tattuaggio)%>

He says it himself... his work isn't vulgar and never pornographic... but he does capture the essence of sexy and the allure of the pinup in his art

Normally I take it shot by shot, but in this case I'm gonna go overall

I see someone with an eye for art and beauty who also possesses the talent to translate that to canvas

I love the retro work he's done, IE: the doll riding the bomb... great take on WW II pinup art

and his work on taking pinup pics and making paintings of them is spot on beautiful

Mario does do commission work, check his MySpace for the details

<%ThickBox(|Model: Andrea Young)%>

<%ThickBox(|The man himself)%>

I would have loved to put up more examples of his work, but there just isn't enough space

now make sure you go to Mario's MySpace and look at the rest of the stuff that I just didn't have room for


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  • Vereecken Peter  
    Hi Mario,

    very nice artwork.

    Is it possible to buy an artwork or print?
    I live in Belgium and am an artist myself.
    My paintings can be seen on facebook

    keep delivering the nice work



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