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My Favorite Pinups

KKZ Miss February Contestant - Grace Black

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I do so love the KKZ pinup contest, it's really the only one that I follow each and every month

I follow it enough that I feature my pick of the month here on My Favorite Pinups

So this month I give you Grace Black as the girlie with my vote for Miss February

based in Massachusetts this tattoed cutie is into "silk stockings, high heels, red lipstick, drivin' fast, livin slow and happy, hotrodz, the smell of gas..o..line, fixin stuff, swearin, posin' fer the camera, laughin' loud."

from her MySpace (private profile, so be nice boys)

what the hell do i write?

sumthin clever, crazy, wild, lyin, truthful?

yer guess is as good as mine.

all i can say fer sure is i like monsters, good food, nice things, watchin people, being odd,

stating i might be crazy hourly and then dismissing it, automobiles, creating, shopping, IBC rootbeer in the bottle of course.

i have a tremendous affinity with old world charm.

remember when ladies had charm?

right down to their parfume, stockings, and nails.

let's bring back some of tha shall we?

it's time. enough with the gratuitious T&A shots...

well they do have their place but we can most certainly improve upon them.

i am a firm believer of less is more a good amount of the time.

a charming smile and a polite comment can get you far, add intelligence and grace and you will be unstopable. it dosen't hurt to kick a little ass if you need to lol.

Who I'd like to meet:

Folks with a sense of humor....anyone into hotrodz, pinups, yesteryear, simple good ole livin', photog's, artists, yer general all around good folks.

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be sure to stop in at <" target="_blank">Grace Black Vintage

seems out lil miss runs a vintage shop in beautiful Bondsville Mass

Grace Black Vintage equals a modern day cabinet of curiosities with a vintage foundation.

Seriously folks....

you can find almost anything here from tools, car parts, vintage lingerie, mens/womans shoes, clothing, accesories, kustom art, hard to find mags and music, furniture, lighting, and who the hell knows what else.

One stop shopping is the truth.

Milltown Ink is right next store and just a few steps more and you will hit the Blue Collar Barbecue.

So what are you waiting for?

Spend an afternoon or a few minutes in beautiful Bondsville, MA!

A big thank you for your business from Lance and Grace.

<%ThickBox(|Photo: The Chop Shop)%> <%ThickBox(|Photo: The Chop Shop)%>

so get your asses in gear and head off to KKZ and show your support




  • graceblack  
    so awesome, i am honored!!! thanks a bunch..xoxogb
  • kathryn  
    I love the images you've chosen to feature.
  • John  
    and it's
  • Liza  
    I would like to know where I could find those black shoes, with white trim. Love them.
  • Liza  
    can someone tell me where to find these black shoes, with white trim?


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