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My Favorite Pinups

Sophie Edwina

<%ThickBox(|Photography by Paul Pulley)%> <%ThickBox(|Photography by Paul Pulley)%>

I got something special for you all tonight...

The girl you are looking at it Sophie Edwina

and she's a 17 year old High School Senior

<%ThickBox(|Sophie Edwina)%> <%ThickBox(|Photography by Paul Pulley)%>
We had a huge talk over on Tommy D's Nutz, I co-host an internet radio show over there,

last night about me wanting to feature this particular pinup here because of her age

We all came to the conclusion that no matter what her age is she makes a great pinup girl, AND she's wearing a lot more clothing than you see on the average High School girl

I thought it might be a good idea to get a release form from her parents and she gladly provided that, so all these pics are on the up and up

<%ThickBox(|Sophie Edwina)%> <%ThickBox(|Photography by Paul Pulley)%>

from her MySpace

My name is Sophie I am 17 years young and a senior in high school.

I like high heels and low cars,

vintage clothing and lingerie,

theatre, community invovlement,

activism, junk food,

and cheap horror films.

I love to laugh, learn, sing, sew, and swingdance.

I DON'T like ignorant jerks or people with no respect,

homewreckers and skanks,

druggies, juggalos, BROs,

big ugly trucks, or muscle cars.

<%ThickBox(|Photography by Paul Pulley)%> <%ThickBox(|Sophie Edwina)%>

It's amazing to see a person this young know exactly what she is and have the confidence to show it to the world

That very first pic is her senior yearbook photo!

so hats off to you Sophie

<%ThickBox(|Photography by Paul Pulley)%>

now age aside, what you have here is the classic pinup...beautiful girl, great clothes, hot cars

the clothes the hair, the makeup all spot on, I love the skirts and the 50's bathing suit

The beach shots look like a 50's postcard my mom used to have

These are great examples of how pinups are sexy without the outright sex part, there is always allure and mystery there

and Sophie carries herself as well as any pinup girl I have featured here

Keep an eye on this girl.. I think she's going to go far in whatever she chooses to do




  • Sophie Edwina  
    Yeeeeeehaw! Still screamin' about this over here!
  • Amanda  
    Aside from her drop-dead gorgeous photos, she is also incredibly intelligent and outspoken-luv her!
  • Josh  
    Sophie is so adorable and looks stunning. She also has one of the greatest personality's you could ever find! I know how happy she is about this. Good Job Sophie!
  • Amber  
    sophie this is truly amazing! how incredible you must feel right now, you definitely deserve it!
  • Alexis  
    Sophie! This is great!
  • Tony D  
    Dude Sophe you look SOO great, I miss the shiznit out of you!!

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