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KKZ Miss March Contestant - Sonja

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last night on the Tommy D's Nutz Show we picked out girl for the March KKZ Pinup Calendar Contest

and here she is...


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from her MySpace

I've just recently have had the opportunity to do a photo shoot,

underestimating how much fun I would have, I think Im Hooked!

So if anyone out there is looking for a model and you like my look,

feel free to contact me..

By the way....NO NUDES

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it's easy to criuse over and cast your vote

1) Go to KKZ

2) Click Register Now

3) Fill out the form and click Register

4) Wait for the confirmation e-mail

5) Click the link in the mail and follow the instructions


See that's easy!

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This gal is adorable and just has her first photoshoot...

I think she's got the goods to go far

Good Luck Sonja


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