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My Favorite Pinups

Gil Elvgren

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it's been a while since I have put anything new up here

no real reason except that nothing has really jumped out at me

I suppose I have to wait for the new valentines shots come out

well anyways, My buddy Cherry Laine from All American Pinups got herself a new puppy and the first thing I thought when she sent me a pic was... wow when are you gonna take pics of you and Vixen Valentine (that's the pup's name). A Gil Elvgren shot popped into mind and off I went

I grabbed 22 of my favorite shots and I've been sitting here trying to narrow it down to 8 or 10 shots

Just a note.. all images are from

go show them some love

now listen up before I get my ass sued... I don't own these or claim to

I love this mans work and am showcasing it, and pointing back to where I got the images from

if there are any issues contact me directly

have a nice day and back to the pics

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From Wikipedia:

Gil Elvgren (March 15, 1914-February 29, 1980), born Gilette Elvgren, was an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration. Elvgren lived in various locations, and was active from the 1930s to 1970s. Today he is best known for his pin-up paintings for Brown & Bigelow. Elvgren studied at the American Academy of Art.

Elvgren was one of the most important pin-up and glamour artists of the twentieth century. In addition, he was a classical American illustrator. He was a master of portraying the feminine, but he wasn't limited to the calendar pin-up industry. He was strongly influenced by the early "pretty girl" illustrators, such as Charles Dana Gibson, Andrew Loomis, and Howard Chandler Christy. Other influences included the Brandywine School founded by Howard Pyle.

Elvgren was a commercial success. His clients ranged from Brown and Bigelow and Coca-Cola to General Electric and Sealy Mattress Company. In addition, during the 1940s and 1950s he illustrated stories for a host of magazines, such as The Saturday Evening Post and Good Housekeeping.

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I am not going to say a lot

Mr. Elvgren's work speaks for itself

<%ThickBox(|Gil Elvgren)%> <%ThickBox(|Gil Elvgren)%>

he captures everything that I love about the classic american pinup

<%ThickBox(|Gil Elvgren)%> <%ThickBox(|Gil Elvgren)%>

Girls... if anyone wants to recreate ANY of these shots, drop me a note and I PROMISE you will get a feature here

and my undying devotion ;-)

<%ThickBox(|Gil Elvgren)%> <%ThickBox(|Gil Elvgren)%> has a section with some of the nudes that Elvgren took and worked from

If you take the time to look you can see how he transformed the photo into one of his pinups girls

Pretty amazing if you ask me

(oh and those 8 or 10 shots I was going for? I could not go below 12.. I tried.. really I did)


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