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KKZ Miss April Contestant - Debbie Dagger

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I'll never be able to explain how I pick my KKZ contestant each month

One never knows what is going to strike me

This time around it's Debbie Dagger

A cute red-headed southern gal

maybe it's the redhead thing.. you all know how much I love them
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from her KKZ bio

"One of God's own prototypes; a high-powered

mutant never even considered for mass-production

Too weird to live, too rare to die"


I'm a sarcastic debutant(true story) from Atlanta

with a wry wit and a nice rack...

I also happen to be very charming -insert wink here-

I'm a southern gal through and through.

I like my food fried

my weather warm

my beer cold

and my friends a little rowdy

Nothing makes me happier than a slice of pie

a 1950 Hudsob

blaring my favorite tunes with the windows down

big hair

fake eyelashes

and most of all my fella

I just graduated from Boston University and moved to LA to chase (and work DAMN hard for) my dreams.

Things are certainly different out here in "Hollyweird"..

but to be perfectly honest, I kinda dig it


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it's easy to criuse over and cast your vote

1) Go to KKZ

2) Click Register Now

3) Fill out the form and click Register

4) Wait for the confirmation e-mail

5) Click the link in the mail and follow the instructions

6) VOTE FOR Debbie Dagger!

See that's easy!

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Good Luck Debbie


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