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a call out to my pinups friends

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Here's the story...

I do a radio show called Tommy D's Nutz with an old friend of mine from NY, we've know each other for just about 25 years.

Recently he got the news he's got cancer

Not long after his diagnosis we were talking about those rubber bracelets for causes that everyone has and Tom said he was going to pick up one of those "live strong" braclets but it did not express his feelings properly

I asked him what would

He said a black bracelet that said FUCK CANCER

so for his birthday I sent him 25 black on black FUCK CANCER bracelets

He opened the box on air and we had a blast with it, now we had about a 100 requests for that bracelet

Listeners, family, friends all wanting their own and we quickly ran out of bracelets.

Here is where the fun starts...

One of our listeners suggested we start selling the bracelets and donating all the proceeds to charity

wow what a great idea

each bracelet costs us about a buck, plus another .65 for shipping and about .42 in paypal fees

we're selling them for $4.00, just about $2.00 from every sale goes to various charities on a monthly basis.

We've started out by sponsoring one of our listeners for the Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure and will be moving on to charities like Shriners Hospital, Build Jakes Place, Sloan-Kettering, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Now here is where you wonderful people come in...

I was thinking about making some promo posters up with people and their FUCK CANCER bracelets and what I'd like to do is send some of my pinup friends a bracelet (no charge) and get a picture of them to post on our site and use in promo materials

If anyone would like to help out we'll give you a nice big link on the site, photo credits for you and your photographer and of course our undying love and devotion


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