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Celebrate the 4th of July

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new pics for Cherry Laine just in time for the 4th of July

If there was ever a spokesmodel for celebrating our independence it'd be this girl

Cherry goes out of her way each and every day to show her stars and stripes with her work in All American Pinups

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from the All American Pinups MySpace

To some, patriotism is something you celebrate on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day, but for others patriotism is a way of life. Supporting members of our Armed forces, both past and present, is an important part of patriotism and in honor of supporting our troops. The All American Pinups are three women who take supporting our soldiers seriously. Women who love vintage, love modeling, and have taken sending care packages to our troops to another level. In December of 2007 the All American Pinups were established. The pinups are Cherry Lane, who founded the organization, Vivian Belle & Lynne D' Bomber. These two amazing women are the proud wives of active duty, career soldiers. Lynne D' Bomber is not a military wife, but has a huge military background. Our goal is to send 50+ care packages each month. The packages are sent to service members of all military branches deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan. We greatly appreciate those who support us at fundraising events & through donations. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO PURCHASING CARE PACKAGE CONTENTS & SHIPPING COSTS. MAKE A DONATION TO HELP FUND CARE PACKAGES FOR OUR TROOPS

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use the form on their website to make a donation to their cause

(the donate link is about 1/2 way down the page)

Click here to be transported there directly

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and have a happy 4th of July


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