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Something just a lil different

<%ThickBox(|Model: Lil Bit)%> <%ThickBox(|Model: Kia)%>

I started last night by looking for a noir pinup... it just felt like a noir kinda night

well after looking at 100's pics over last night and this morning I kinda gave up looking

(Models.. if you have a noir/femme fatale/detective set drop me a line will ya?)

so after a fustrating morning I decided to look at my fans list over on Pinup Lifetyle.

There was something that caught my eye.

Flat Black Photography had a pic of a previous feature here, Lil Bit

<%ThickBox(|Models: Auburn Hills, Tim)%>
from his Pinup Lifestyle Profile

My name is Rob.... I am Flat Black Photography.

I have been shooting since the early 90's and have had a love for the " Old Hollywood" era and Love to recreate those kind of photo's....

I'm here to meet all of you folks who also have a love for all things RETRO like me.

I also do Kustom car photography ....

I really like shooting the old cars because they have so much more style than anything out now.

Please E-mail for more info if interested.

my rates are very flexible for any budget....

<%ThickBox(|Model: Frankie Fairlane)%> <%ThickBox(|Model: Kia)%>

be sure to check his site out Flat Black Photogaphy

this is his bio from the site

I'm a photographer that specializes in automotive and cycling art.

My style is definitely in the retro pin-up vein and some of my influences include Shannon Brooke,

George Hurrell, Steve Diet Goedde and Roy Varga.

I've worked for a number of different companies including Lipstattoo Designs, Transylvanian Dolls, Cadillac Kings, Marco's Automotive and Pin-up Lifestyle.

If you'd like to see my book, drop me a line.

Otherwise check back often since I will be posting new work frequently.

<%ThickBox(|Model: Nayah)%> <%ThickBox(|The man himself)%>

of course I had to post a pic of the man himself, nice ink

This last pic is my favorite, at least for today... it's the noir look I was searching for

Good Job Rob



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  • DC  
    That last shot was also selected for the Calendar!

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