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My Favorite Pinups

Amber Nicole

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Today seemed like a good day for a little cheesecake

Amber Nicole Houston was right there when I needed her

This pinup cutie hails from Newport News, VA

from her Pinup Lifestyle Profile

My name is Amber Houston and I love pinup-

The music,the clothing,the cars,the culture and lifestyle.

The art of pinup is my newest love and a fond hobby of mine that I plan to take to many levels.

Watch and see!

I am a hairstylist by day,and contribute to pinup photography behind the lens as well as in front.

I live for today,not tomorrow.

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and here is her info from Model Mayhem

Hi everyone!

My name is Amber Nicole,I am a pinup model interested in shooting for vintage pinup as well as modern pinup themed photoshoots.

I am new to the modeling world but am eager to do more!I do not do this for a profession,although it has become a sincere passion of mine.

I follow direction well,and love the challenge of new experiences.

I am an established and experienced hair designer of 7 years and am adoring being in front of the camera:)

I am experienced with capturing the vintage look with my own hair and make-up,and do not object to working with Muahs:)

My love for pinup has evolved not just in photowork but as my lifestyle.

I favor everything about the era,including the cars,the music,the clothing and the culture.

I represent a Pinup Couture with a punk rock edge.

I am a genuine hard worker and 100% professional.

*I hope to have my hair portfolio avaiable for views up soon!

I have modeled for local photographers in the Hampton Roads area and am looking to do more and expand my portfolio.

I am willing to travel(reasonably) and need some time in advance for shoot notices.

I also do limited trade work,depending on the assignment and the shoot theme.

I am only interested in doing a shoot if I can bring a chaperone and will never pose nude:)

If your interested in shooting with me please email me the details of the particular shoot and I will try and have a response in a punctual fashion:)


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Check out her profile on Model Mayhem for some more excellent pics

There is a MySpace as well, but it's private.... I have a friend request in myself

Hope it gets approved soon ;-)

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so far I'm loving all of her shots

she's a cutie to start with and then stick her in classic pinup poses and you have a winner

doesn't matter if it's the kitchen or the malt shop...

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well Amber... great shots and thanks for sharing them

oh.. and cab I have a piece of cake? ;-)



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