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My Favorite Pinups

Miss Katrina Darling

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Beautiful People Magazine is running a contest

and I wanna throw my support to UK cutie, Miss Katrina Darling

(yes boys and girls.. that IS her real name)|John Beilby)%>
from her Pinup Lifestyle profile

I'm a British Pin-up Model and rising star.

Im also a fully trained Hair and Make up Artist currently working for Illamasqua Make-up Artistry and i love it :-) Check it out girls (and guys we're very pollitically correct round here) you WILL be impressed!! (

I am ALSO a Burlesque Performer who can pop, shimmy, shake, sing, do acrobats; and with a poof and a sparkle, do magic right before your very eyes.

I've been called the youngest one woman Cabaret in seams and tassels! Woop.

Apart from already being a few things at a young age I still have many more candles in me tro burn at both ends.

I want to:

Write-(Childrens Books)

Create- Fashion/Costume Design

Travel (Italy, Newzeland, Tokyo, South Africa, Noth Africa, India etc....)

Properly Learn Photography (I only know the basics)


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she's got a MySpace too

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so go vote... yea yea yea you have to register but I promise it's quick and painless

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so go register, activate your account, and click here to see her profile and vote!




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