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Roxy Tart

so the other day we had Daddy Cool and Desiree from
The Pinup Lifestyle Network
on the Tommy D's Nutz show over on Wild Life Radio

Who come to hang out in the chatroom but one of the Madams, Roxy Tart
and holy shit she's funny....


from her Pinup Lifestyle profile

Just a rockabilly girl who loves pin up!

wow Roxy you sure are making my job hard this time

from her MySpace
I'm a Juggalette bombshell who is totaly into vintage, burlesque, horror, tattoos, rockabilly, friends, family and partying

yea that's not too helpful either... LOL

so I am left with the pics.. I look at these pics and instantly think
"I wannna hang out with Roxy"
I see a person who is comfortable with who and what they are and doesn't mind showing it off
How about it Roxy?
Let's go hang out and knock back a few

to get a better sense of who Roxy is
you are gonna have to find out for yourself
go to The Pinup Lifestyle Network
get an account
hit the forums
hit chat
and give Roxy a shout out


What do I see?
I see a girl who is a lot of fun
knows how to have a good time
and knows how to enjoy life




  • Roxy Tart  
    John, I will hang with you anytime you want! I'll even buy the first round....
  • ThatCat  
    Congratulations, gorgeous, you've been my favorite pinup for a while now!
  • Desiree  
    John, you are so right on with your take on Roxy. She rocks the house like no other! :-D
  • marcus slawinski  
    she's not this hot in real life....

    just kidding =P she's even better, way to go sweety !
  • Roxy tart  
    PinUp Lifestyle will be out in full force for Rock Around the Park in Disneyland, and also the night before at the Jamboree, and since we'll be there.....

    I'm competing in the Rock Around the Park Jamboree Stage Maid contest! The voting will only go until Sept. 5, so please please please take a minute and cast your vote for me!!

    On a side note, it's on a myspace page, so you have to be logged in to vote

    Thanks so much!!!

    Roxy Tart
  • Roxy tart  
    Oh, one other thing... John, I got new pix taken, check 'em out! http://www.pinuplifestyle.c...

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