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My Favorite Pinups

Guess who is having a birthday?

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If you follow My Favorite Pinups you know I spend a fair amount of time over on Pinup Lifestyle

Desi and Daddy Cool, seen here sporting their very cool Fuck Cancer Bracelets.., get yours here, created the site a year ago trying to build a pinup based community

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I'd say they succeeded in a grand fashion so

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Here is the story from The Pinup Lifestyle website

A couple years ago, DC took on the role himself creating a networking site for auto-enthusiasts, The Automotive Crossroad. It was extremely successful, and had thousands of members. He has more recently created, another successful social networking site for DJs and music lovers.

As we began searching for similar sites, Desi kept noticing how much this industry/lifestyle is lacking a hub. There was literally NOTHING like what we were envisioning for PL. The most closely related sites were ones that showcased photos - but thatÂ’s ALL they did and were a huge mess. Maybe one or two had a forum, but no one was even using them! We just kept researching and learning and finding all these models, photographers, and clothing companies that were just.. so spread out! Without searching the internet for days, no one would EVER find them. This only added fuel to our fire and helped me define exactly what we wanted the site to become; THE meeting place for ALL people that are inspired by the Pinup Lifestyle. That was to include models, photographers, designers, artists, performers, fans; literally everyone! PinupLifestyle is going to be THE networking hub for members of this Lifestyle.

For the first couple days after launching the site out of beta testing, membership was pretty slow. By day three, we approved a new member: Bernie Dexter! Yeah, Bernie Dexter was member #11 on PL!! You canÂ’t even prepare for that membership completely (and unexpectedly) EXPLODED after that (thank you, Bernie)! In our first week, over 600 members joined PinupLifestyle! 600 quality, contributing members! By week two, we saw models hooking up with photographers and clothing companies, photographers using PL to find cars for their photo shoots. And thatÂ’s just the beginning! It is an incredible, indescribable feeling to know that weÂ’ve created something that could quite possible change peopleÂ’s lives.

Thank you to ALL of you for seeing the potential in this site and for taking the time to help make this as great as it deserves to be! The success of PL truly depends on our membersÂ’ activity & contribution of inviting others.

We also have to give a special thanks to our Pinup Madams for jumping in early to help us keep PL properly maintained. Believe us, you do not want to cross the Madams! They take their mission seriously. You can read more HERE about the Madams and refresh your memory on PL's policies.

We hope that you share with us a sense of pride and accomplishment for what the site already is, and will become. Each and every one of you are all a very important component to PL, and it will take all of us to maintain the quality we have already achieved. We have an amazing community here. We can already see so many wonderful possibilities for PL itself, and for our members because of PL! I am so looking forward to the future!

So be good, welcome, and enjoy! =D

-PL Team

<%ThickBox(|Honey needs to get gussied up and in front of a photographer!)%> <%ThickBox(|Delyssia LaBelle and DC's fave beverage)%>

Desi and DC, along with the Madams (Honey B Hooligan, Delyssia LaBelle, NolaChick, Betty Red, Seanna Miriah, and Roxy Tart) run the show over there

keeping the peace, moving the conversations along and all that fun stuff

<%ThickBox(|There is NolaChick.. I just love her stuff)%> <%ThickBox(|recently married, so she's off the market boys)%>

so go check it out, wish them a happy birthday

join up, upload pics, hit the forums and participate


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