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Pinups for Pit Bulls

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Recently we acquired a pit bull puppy for the house

When people, my mother included, heard we got a pit bull they were aghast!

Why on earth would you get a pit bull????.. they can snap at any moment and kill someone

yea I call BULLSHIT

Anyways, Pinup Girlie Little Darling has a group called Pinups for Pit Bulls and they just released their 2010 calendar

You should go check it out

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Pinups for Pitbulls, a not for profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the pit bull breed, announces the launch of the 2009 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar. Pinups for Pitbulls' goal is to educate the public about the breed using pro-pit bull testimonies of 12 strong, pit bull-owning women.

The ultimate mission is to save the lives of abused and abandoned pit bulls, since pit bulls and pit bull mixes account for the majority of dogs in shelters across the United States.

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Pinups for Pit Bulls works to educate the public about the history and temperament of the American Pit Bull Terrier and Mixed Bully Breeds,

to raise awareness about Breed Specific Legislation and breed-specific abuse, and to raise funds for bully-breed-friendly rescues and dogs in need.

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Our goal is to reestablish the defamed reputation of the Pit Bull as America's premier companion animal, war hero, and therapy dog.

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Check out their stuff online

Pinups for Pit Bulls MySpace

Pinups for Pit Bulls on Facebook

Pinups for Pit Bulls Blog

Pinups for Pit Bulls Website

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Calendars are $20 and available @ Pinups for Pit Bulls Website

I think you should go get one

or maybe two.. one for the office




  • Audiogirl, Miss Sept 2009/ June 2010  
    Thank you very much!!!! We have tons of great new 2010 photos on our website. Bulk orders of 10 or more are $15 each - great for holiday gifts! Also we have many events coming up, check out our datebook for a PFPB party near you!
  • Wink  
    My next door neighbors have a beautiful pit/husky mix who is as sweet as pie, and my dad's pit/shepherd mix is as docile as can be. Pits have an undeserved reputation because of the violent actions of a few. ANY dog can snap. My dad's dog was once attacked by an off-leash cocker spaniel!

    For about three years, I sold custom tattoo-art ID tags through my etsy store and donated all proceeds to Colorado Pit Bull Rescue, but sales never picked up enough to make a reasonable dent in CPBR's expenses, and I had to drop the line. I'm so glad that Pinups for Pitbulls is out there, educating the masses! BSL needs to be stopped.
  • Tyra  
    Good to read interesting posts on your blog. Thanks.

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