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Teryn Cain

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Someday I want to make a trip out to Las Vegas

When I get out there I hope I can meet up with Teryn and grab a cup of coffee and chat with this pinup model and mother of 5

yes I said mother of 5

This 5'4" celtic cutie says she's Susie Homemaker and an "aspiring" pinup model

hmmmmm let's look and see

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from her MySpace

My name is Teryn Nikol Cain.

I am an aspiring Pin-Up Model, working mom, and a wife to a wonderful and very sexy man.

Together we have 5 kids!

I love the color pink, anything that sparkles, fluffy puppies and kittens, and yummy is my favorite word and I think cotton candy is the best!

I am usually happy and comedic, but I do have an Irish temper that only comes out if you hurt someone I love, I may be small but I will still try to kick your ass!

I fully support all the pin-up models out there because it is exactly what I would want my daughters to look to for and idea of beauty and inspiration instead of the typical model out of fashion magazines.

I hate pretty girls who are ugly and I don't like it when people dont smile back when passing.

I am a vintage girl and I think the 1950s would have been perfect for me!

I wish I had a 57' or any 1950's Chevy Belair but 57' is my favorite!

I don't claim to be anything or anyone other than just simply me!

You can also see more of me here

Please message me if you would like to use me as your model.

As I said before I am a happily married woman to a wonderful man, and while I am flattered and don't mind adding you as a friend, please do not bother to ask if we could "hook up sometime"

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remember boys.. she is happily married

more about Teryn on Zitivity

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She run a side business selling pin-up hair flowers, bows and baby head bands

Check it out on MySpace

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you can also check her out on Pinup Lifestyle

now about that "aspiring" thing...

you sure look like a pinup girl in these pics and from my vantage point you are indeed a pinup model

and I am waiting quite patiently for more sets to pop up

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and thanks for helping us out with the "Fuck Cancer" bracelet pic.. an excellent pic indeed



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