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Pin Up Perfection Magazine

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So... this morning I got saw a bulletin from Lorei Lee

She's in a contest for Pin Up Perfection Magazine

I think.. what the hell is Pin Up Perfection Magazine??

so I went to check it out...
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Pin Up Perfection is a new magazine with pics, articles, coupons and "the low down on the Rockabilly Showdown"

They are using a publishing service called MagCloud that prints em and mails em on demand

Issue #1 features interviews with Spyder Baby , Lila Jo of Lila Jo hair accessories and Artist Hugh Owen Porter.

and there is a preview available here

Issue #2 features interviews with Better Than Cheesecake, the Phoenix Pinup Dolls, Hell City Roller Girls, a cover feature for Bindi Baby, make up tips from Rene Webb, and apparently the "perfect apple pie recipe"

Issue #2 preview is available here

a very short about:

Pin Up Perfection Magazine is a work of art made by and for pin up and retro lovers. We feature art, photography, articles, writings, interviews and other fun things all based around the themes of pin up, retro, burlesque, rockabilly, goth and whatever strikes our fancy!

To get your own copy check out our issues for sale. And if you are interested in submitting work for us check out our submissions section!

well that is right to the point

I did take a read thru the two previews and will be ordering my own copies next weekend, after payday ;-)

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The above pics are from their calendar.. available at Cafe Press

they have several sites..

Pin Up Perfection Magazine


Social Networking (this looks brand spanky new)|Pin Up Perfection)%>

just for the record.. I am voting for Loreli Lee and her take on a classic Elvgren pose

you should follow this link to do the same




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