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Miss Kelli - aka Betty Le Boom

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Here are a few shots from one of the girls in the Ink-n-Iron Pin-up Pagent

Miss Kelli - aka Betty Le Boom
from her MySpace

So here is a little about meÂ…

I grew up on a farm and in a small town, moved to the big city of Seattle when I was 20yo., moved to the swamps of New Orleans (will ALWAYS have a deep place in my heart) after Katrina, then came back to Seattle, and have had the deep desire to move to Austin TX for the last 4 yearsÂ…

But I have a greater love and that is the one of wanting to become a burlesque dancer and a this time Seattle is a great place to be for that!

I work in a pediatric hospital, and in my free time I love to go see burlesque performances, drag-queens (I have a favorite!), go to cabaret shows, and spend time with my dogs.

I love the story of Bonnie and ClydeÂ…I think that it was very romanticÂ…

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Going thru her MySpace I do believe Miss Kelli needs to post some more pics

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so between now and May 15th cast your votes for your fave girls

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