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Lisa Luxe

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Lisa Luxe aka The Pocket Pin-up gets another of my votes in Ink-n-Iron Pin-up Pagent

The Pocket Pin-up?

yeppers.. this Vegas based cutie stands 5'1" and weights in at a mere 117lbs

wanna know her measurements?

it's all over on her Model Mayhem profile
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from her MySpace

Modeling for me, is the ultimate dream job,

I genuinely love being in front of a camera, there is no better feeling!

I love the art of pin-up, it is the absolute most feminine depiction of a woman,

and I love being a part of making beautiful art!

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I love the expressiveness in her face and the fun she appears to have with the camera

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so between now and May 15th cast your votes for your fave girls

Click here to go vote

and show Lisa Luxe some love



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