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My Favorite Pinups

Pinky Sui

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California based Pinky Sui rounds out my Ink-n-Iron Pin-up Pagent picks

She's a self-described "light skinned Hispanic dame"

She should say light skinned Hispanic glamour dame, a lot of the pics I looked at belonged in a 40's hollywood magazine

check out her video called "ink n iron pinup pageant plea for votes"

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from her MySpace

I am a working mom of a beautiful baby girl.

I do some modeling when ever i get the chance ,

I am very fun and outgoing person , I can be shy at first but if you can start a convo I am pretty good at keeping it going I have lots to say about everything and nothing ha ha , Besides being a model and a mother I also aspire to become a member of the SBSD ( San Bernardino Sheriff Dept)

please don't let that keep you from being my friend

I just like jobs that let me take control ;-) tee hee,

Well another thing to say about myself is that I am pretty much an open book anything you want to know I will tell you unless your being a perv,

then I will shut you down fast and delete you from my friends

I am a lady not a whore

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Several of the pics I chose to post here were done by Marco Patino

There is a style of pinup pics that I just love, the kind where you feel you are peeking thru the keyhole and getting a glimpse of something that is waiting for you

Marco caught that in these images and you can believe that I will be looking him up

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There are some awesome shots over on her Model Mayhem profile

and go check out her YouTube Channel

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so between now and May 15th cast your votes for your fave girls

Click here to go vote

and show Pinky Sui some love



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