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My Favorite Pinups

Amy DeLaCroux

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There is no telling exctly why I post the pics I do when

All depends on my mood or what strikes me

In this case it's the ink.. and Amy has a ton of gorgeous artwork on her
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from her Model Mayhem profile

my names amy. my love is pin up, but i also do fashion, glamour........and artistic nudes if the price is right. i prefer to do my own makeup unless there is a specific look that i cannot do, and i am always willing to work with hair stylists.

i am charging for shoots. my rates are very cheap, please inquire!!!! i will consider select TF.

im far from difficult or a diva, despite what SOME people like to say about me. so a heads up to everyone: i know exactly what i want and how i want it. i have a vision about my posing and editing, so i am picky. i give my honest opinion about things without sugar coating it, and i dont think theres anything wrong with that. nothing about me is difficult or high maintenance....i just want good photos, and i wouldnt have done photo shoots with the photographers ive worked with unless i believe in their work!!!!! on the same token i am open minded, punctual, innovative, and i love to laugh and have a fun time while shooting. im always in a good mood and love to joke around. im blunt and assertive in how i act, but thats just who i am and im not here to please anyone. im not here to kiss up to you or anyone else, so if you dont like my personality i really dont care.

if we shoot TF* then i'd appreciate it if i get a cd copy of all the photos from our shoot. i only think its fair since im the one doing the modeling if i can see all of them in some way. dont worry- i dont post unedited photos! thats a big no-no in my book.

NOTE: it usually takes me 2-3 hours to get perfected and ready. on top of that im driving to you AND im posing until im physically exhausted. not to mention ill most likely be posing in underwear in front of YOU, whom i barely know. so with all of that said PLEASE dont complain or be a douche if i ask you for gas money!!! cut a girl some slack!!!

if you prefer not to shoot me i'd appreciate it if you told me rather than avoid my messages or lead me on. i get annoyed easily. yes- im a message stalker. i check to see if youve read my messages and get upset if you dont answer back. thats just rude. im aggressive, i know what i want and go after it. its not a character flaw, its who i am and i offer no apologies. so please.....just tell me yes or no!!!

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I tried to hit her up on MySpace, but the profile is marked private if you really want to be her myspace friend it might take some work

but I think it's so worth it

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Her look is quite versatile going from noir to classic to modern pinup

and yes she is quite beautiful, but in this case what catches my eye is the ink

She makes a lovely canvas and her artwork only goes to enhance what is already there

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