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  • May, 2015
  • Take a Peek at Moni Le Fleur



    Has it really been 2 months since I posted something?
    Yea I suppose I've been slacking, goofing off, forgetful or maybe just plain uninspired

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  • March, 2015
  • Pin Up Anna Sweets



    I'm not sure how I came across Anne Sweets. but it was probably off a link from Heels For Combat Boots.
    To tell you the truth I don't know a lot about Anne Sweets. other than I like her pics and I think she lives in West Virginia

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  • A Surprise from Ginger Valiant



    I woke up this morning to an email from Ginger Valiant. and what a way to wake up
    While this set of pics from Ginger Valiant and Danger Ninja Productions aren't exactly "pinup" I still love the shots. The use of the dance mirror adds a lot of depth and visual interest to what is already a stunning shot, and the nudity in the 2 shots below aren't the focus, but add to the over all look. I like that

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  • Meet Sadie North



    I was spending some much needed time over on Pinup Lifestyle and found these wonderful pics from Sadie North.
    Honestly I never know what I'm looking for until it's right in front of me. little did I know I was looking for this Chicago cutie

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  • January, 2015
  • Unlimited No. 9 Has Hit The Stands


    Mark Anthony Lacy dropped me a note the other day and let me know he was sending a preview copy of Unlimited No. 9 and as a bonus Unlimited No. 8


    At the moment I believe I own every issue of Unlimited and there's a damn good reason.

    This is exactly the type of magazine I used to steal from my dad's dresser drawer.. you know the ones he used to hide from mom


    Unlimited has pictorials, featuring Mark's photography, vintage ads, feature articles on old movie stars, some risque comics, even a real centerfold.

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