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  • July, 2015
  • Meet Miss Ruby Spencer



    I was cruising around Facebook the other day and what do I find right down the road in Chicago but Miss Ruby Spencer. You may have caught her on 23 Pinup Girls Who've Put A Modern Twist On Old-School Beauty over on BuzzFeed
    For the record this tall, leggy brunette is 6'0" and 41C-32-44
    So we are talking legs that won't quit and curves like there is no tomorrow


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  • Waiting For My Roxybot



    Recently Miss Roxy Tart. good friend, and object of my lust, posted a pic of Roxybot (coming soon to a store near you. but I doubt you can afford it)

    Of course I volunteered to be a beta tester. I have almost 25 years of IT experience, I do tech support for Roxy AND I love pinups. who is more qualified than me?

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  • May, 2015
  • Take a Peek at Moni Le Fleur



    Has it really been 2 months since I posted something?
    Yea I suppose I've been slacking, goofing off, forgetful or maybe just plain uninspired

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  • March, 2015
  • Pin Up Anna Sweets



    I'm not sure how I came across Anne Sweets. but it was probably off a link from Heels For Combat Boots.
    To tell you the truth I don't know a lot about Anne Sweets. other than I like her pics and I think she lives in West Virginia

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  • A Surprise from Ginger Valiant



    I woke up this morning to an email from Ginger Valiant. and what a way to wake up
    While this set of pics from Ginger Valiant and Danger Ninja Productions aren't exactly "pinup" I still love the shots. The use of the dance mirror adds a lot of depth and visual interest to what is already a stunning shot, and the nudity in the 2 shots below aren't the focus, but add to the over all look. I like that

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