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Riot Vixen Magazine March Cover Contest

217587_282810278515119_1777847004_nI posted a pic the other day of Mimi Amore and started following Nicole LeBlanc from ReLe Photography

Nicole is quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers .. just an FYI


Anyways, Nicole dropped me a note to tell me that Mimi Amore and Makenzie Nichole were in a contest


Well I wanted to send them both a little love and tell you all how to participate.




First off go to:

Riot Vixen Magazine of Facebook

Like the page

Go to the March Cover Contest

Find the two pictures you see here

Click Like


see that's not all that hard at all


What are you waiting for?



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  • Matthew  
    Ruby Roxx.... one curvy, gorgeous vixen. Sigh...

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