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My Favorite Pinups

DeDe Von Darling

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And in this corner

standing 5'4" in the red towel

straight outta BROOKLYN NEW YORK


now why did I do it that way?

from her MySpace

My friends, family and my dog are my world, fuck with them and IÂ’ll fuckin gut you.

I definitely have an Irish temper

I dig shows where people punch each other.

well that and she's from Brooklyn and I used to date Brooklyn gals.....
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from her MySpace

This is my networking. modeling page.

Most of my shoots can be found here,

if you would like me to model for your company, clothes, portfolio, etc-please write me an email.

IÂ’m 5Â’4.IÂ’m a natural blond but dye my hair every other week.

I dig slip on shoes.

I like jewelry that cost me $2.00.

IÂ’m extremely opinioned.

I have 7 piercings, 11 tattoos and gauged ears. IÂ’m dying to have more tattoos.

I have an unhealthy obsession with skin care products, makeup I donÂ’t need and anything with cherries or polka dots.

A lot of people donÂ’t like me and I donÂ’t really care.

My friends, family and my dog are my world, fuck with them and IÂ’ll fuckin gut you.

I camp and hike.

I hate the NY mta system.

I love to laugh but hate my smile.

I dig cheap wine.

If I could look like I just walked out of the 50's everyday, I would.

IÂ’m an animal activist and a borderline feminist- which pretty much means, if you tell me a women canÂ’t do something, IÂ’ll try to punch you.

I love old Elvis movies.

I love anything Tim burton has made.

Harrison Ford is still hot.

IÂ’m always tired and hate my job.

IÂ’m addicted to ice coffee.

I dig shows where people punch each other.

I cook and bake and my breakfast will make you love me.

I have a fascination with ancient architecture and old run down buildings.

I could spend days at any museum, aquarium or zoo.

IÂ’m like a 4 year old around animals.

I definitely have an Irish temper and suffer from serious anxiety issues.

I read my horoscope everyday and IÂ’m a spitting image of a Pisces.

All and all IÂ’m utterly insane and the people that are still in my life are only there because they are just as crazy as I am and love me for it.

darlin.. EVERYONE hates the MTA

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Let's start with pics #2, #4 and #5

Coming from NY, Coney Island holds a special place in my heart

and this set looks like straight off the boardwalk

love it and thanks for the memory darlin

Pic #3... a wonderful update to the "oops" shot great colors and composition

the rest of the shots are the main reason why DeDe caught my eye


here we see the allure of the pinup without the smut that is present all over the damn internet

no way you can see any naughty bits in these pics and yet if you are not attracted to the girl on the screen, you better get your fucking pulse checked

There is only one thing that would make shots #6 and #7 better, but I'm not going to tell you what I think it is... you tell me what you see

but to sum them up... I see allure, mystery, pure sexiness, and above all a modern gal keeping the classic american pinup alive and well and living in Brooklyn


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