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My Favorite Pinups

  • October, 2008
  • Roy Varga

    I can't say enough about Roy Varga and his team, you'll have to go check it out for yourself

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Roy's Site
  • Freeze Frame Photography

    Freeze Frame Photography is based in Lawton, OK and she is the one who takes those great pics of Cherry Lane from All American PInups

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Freeze Frame's MySpace
  • Tim Hunter Photography

    Tim Hunter is one of my new fave pinup photographers

    He's based out of California, but I won't hold that against him

    Click the pic to be instantly transported to Tim's MySpace

  • KKZ

    KKZ was the first set of contests I became involved in and to this day is the only pinup calendar I actually own

    Frenchy runs a great site, and very clean contest (no dirty tricks girls) and puts together one of THE best pinup calendars on the planet

    KKZ's Website and Store
  • are you asking yourself why?

    I do that all the time myself...

    Well since you asked...
    when I was young, my mom watched a lot of movies from the golden age of hollywood
    so I had a steady diet of WWII movies, Elvis, Musicals, Westerns, and of course drama/comedies


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